Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Slowing Down

We've been working on the house pretty hard for the last month or so. As I looked around this morning, things look different than they did last month...not good different, more like messy different. We've moved furniture around, cleaned out a few closets, stripped lots of wall paper, and completely dismantled the master bedroom and bath. We're making progress, but it is painfully slow. After Sunday evening's events, we have been forced to a snail's pace...

Charlie worked pretty hard on the master bathroom all weekend, removing the rest of the wall paper, ripping up carpeting, removing the vanity from the wall, tearing out the old trim, disconnecting the toilet. We purchased a new toilet and the flooring on Sunday and took the kids out to eat as a reward for the hard work over the weekend. After we tucked the kids into bed that night, I sat down to catch up on my e-mail and read a few blogs. I was about to call Charlie in to read something when I heard him say, "Ow! That hurt." I asked him if he was okay. Silence. I waited a few minutes then decided to check on him. I found him standing in the dining room pressing the thumb and first finger of his left hand together. He looked pale. I asked him what happened and he explained that he had just cut his hand with a brand new Xacto knife. I didn't see any blood at first so I asked him if it was bad. He went into the kitchen and sat down and said he needed a few minutes to calm down. When he finally showed me the wound, it was obvious he was going to need a few stitches. I gave him a clean cloth to help apply pressure and then called our friends to ask for help with the girls. I changed out of my PJ's and we took off for the ER.

We sat in the ER waiting room for over an hour and then again in one of the ER rooms for another 2 hours waiting for the doctor to sew up Charlie's hand. At one point, Charlie asked, "Why did this have to happen tonight?" I was wondering the same thing, but hadn't voiced the question. We ended up talking about the girls and about some issues we've been facing with them. Charlie shared that he thought this might be the Lord's way of slowing him down for a bit so he could spend more time with them. We talked about how many times we've been out to eat in the last few weeks and how many "extra" things we've been adding to our regular routine. We talked about the fact that we don't have any regular routine on the weekends. We listened to some of the patients around us and I found myself silently praying for them as they cried out or walked by, noticing some of them had no one to sit with them or talk to them. We listened to the tremendous thunderstorm happening outside and wondered if it was keeping Ruthie awake, as she is petrified of thunder. It was unplanned, found time together without the children. I hated the reason for the time, but loved the person with whom I was spending it. The doctor eventually came and patched my hubby back up and we were able to head home just in time to catch a few hours sleep before the next day began.

This afternoon, I was thinking about our upcoming weekend and how we have gone to great lengths to plan a kid-free weekend so we can work on the house. My mom offered to take all three girls on for the weekend (Mom, you are so brave!) and we have this opportunity to work, unhindered, on our remodeling projects. But, God has His own plans. We still have a kid-free weekend ahead of us, but we probably won't be doing much remodeling. Instead, we're slowing down. We have almost three whole days of time alone blissful! And, how needed. I don't think I knew that we needed this time until Charlie was hurt. I found myself thanking God that he wasn't hurt more seriously and knowing that I should treasure our time together, no matter what the circumstance. I also felt convicted about how much I take him for granted, assuming that he will be here each day when the Lord doesn't give those guarantees...He does guarantee to be faithful, though, so I am grateful for this found time and this opportunity to slow down. The Lord is good.

Father, Thank You for keeping Charlie safe Sunday night and for bringing healing to his hand. Continue to work in his body, restoring him fully. Lord, I thank You for my husband and for the unique person You have made him to be. Help me to be a better help-mate for him. Help me to help him accomplish all that You have for him to do. Help me to honor him and allow him to be the priest over our home. Give him wisdom and confidence to walk out Your plan for his life and for the life of our family. Bless him, Lord, with all that he needs to follow earnestly after You. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Interesting what God uses sometimes to prove a point to us, or show us something. I hope Charlie's hand is healing up nicely.

HeiressChild said...

so many blessings i saw here in this post, and that has blessed me in return. hope you had a great weekend, and may healing continue to be manifested in your husband's hand.