Thursday, September 13, 2007


I hurt my back Saturday. I've done it before and pretty much in the same way. I was leaning over Olivia's crib to pick her up and as soon as I started to straighten up, yowzer! Super pain in my lower back. I managed to get Olivia safely to the floor before collapsing and then crawling downstairs to find Charlie for help. This time was different, though. I'm usually incapacitated for a few hours and then slowly able to mend. By Sunday evening, I was barely able to manage a hobble. Monday was a bit better, but still excruciating at times. By Tuesday evening, I was asking my study buddies where I could find a really great chiropractor. I called and made an appointment for this afternoon, feeling pretty pessimistic about the outcome. It isn't that I don't believe chiropractic care works; I was just in so much pain I couldn't imagine one visit doing much good.
I was wrong.
After about 45 minutes, Dr. Molin had me in such great shape I could turn my neck from side to side without wincing once and touch my toes completely pain free. He even helped relieve the pain in my elbow and wrist with just a little stretching! I will have several more visits for adjustments, but I'm on the mend and feeling almost normal.
It made me think about where I'm at spiritually and got me asking some questions. I thought I would share them with all of you in you need any re-adjusting, spiritually speaking?

1. Am I in any pain, spiritually? Am I angry at God? Do I feel disappointed in any way with God? Is there anything I am having trouble trusting God with? Am I entrenched in any sin?
2. Am I willing to be well? Am I willing to accept that God is right and I am wrong? Am I willing to let God perform "heart surgery," if necessary, in order to restore my relationship with Him? Do I even want to be in right-standing with God? Do I see God as holy?
3. Will I accept the discomfort that comes with God re-adjusting me? My heart? My attitudes? My beliefs? My priorities? My relationships with others? My commitments? My thoughts? My emotions?
4. Will I acknowledge that only God can do this work in my heart of re-adjusting and re-aligning me to glorify Him? Or, will I continue to look to other "cures" for my spiritual condition?
5. Am I committed to God's continual re-adjusting over a course of time? Do I acknowledge that it will take time and effort and patience and perseverance to be made holy and clean? Am I pliable and soft to His leading?
6. Do I give God the glory when He has in fact re-adjusted? Or, do I take the glory myself? Do I recognize God's sovereignty and perfectness?

Thank You, God for stopping me in my tracks, literally, and showing me that my spiritual condition needs some re-adjusting. I give that work over to You and ask You to make me willing, pliable and able to obey. In Jesus' name, Amen.