Friday, May 11, 2007

When Mommy Is Sick...

When Mommy is sick...

I still get out of bed, though not at my usual 6:15 AM.
I still make breakfast, even if it is sugared cereal, grape juice or Pop-Tarts.
Everyone still gets dressed, but they usually get to wear anything they want--including last year's ballet tights and their favorite Christmas sweater.
I still do the dishes, but with my head resting on the counter above the sink.
I still do the laundry. But, no ironing.
I still read books, but they can't be too long and my eyes close in between pages.
We still play outside, but I sit in a lawn chair, wrapped in a blanket in the shade of our tree.
I still braid my girls' hair, though it isn't very neat or pretty.
I still make lunch. Spagettio's. Sigh...
I still put everyone down for a nap. And then I take one, too--Hallelujah!
I still answer the phone, though my voice is unrecognizable.
I still make a "To-Do" list, but it's much, much shorter.
I still referee arguments, but my patience is very thin.
I still hold crying children, but I want to cry, too.
I still remember vitamins, but not until later in the day.

We still pray before each meal, but I'm silently begging God for healing.
We still read Bible lessons, but I cringe when it's about enduring.
I still listen to my children's questions about God, and know that I have some big ones today, too.
We still pray for Daddy, but today I know he is praying me through.

We still praise the Lord for the wonderful day, and I praise Him for His grace that is wonderfully, mercifully carrying me through...

Because He still loves me.


Ann said...

And you still care for other people's children, as if they're your own...thank you. I hope you feel better SOON!