Saturday, May 12, 2007

When Mommy Is Sick...Part Two

When Mommy is sick...

My children tenderly comb my hair and fetch me Kleenexes for my boogies.
My husband takes a two hour lunch to help me with the children.
My doctor listens sympathetically and understands how hard it is to even be in his office as a mother of three.
My children seem to understand that I can't do everything I usually do and settle happily for less.
My husband washes dishes and cleans up toys, mows the grass and makes dinner, folds laundry and runs the vacuum...without having to be asked or told how to do it.
My doctor orders me to bed for 24 hours and mercifully orders meds that will help me get well.
My children think it's fun to stay in jammies all day long and eat cereal for dinner.
My husband still tells me I'm wonderful even though I'm still wearing last night's PJ's and haven't combed my hair.
My doctor tells me that it's okay to take care of myself and ask someone else to take care of the children...and it makes me want to cry with relief.

My Saviour picks me up and holds me close, whispering His promises of salvation and healing and restoration to my heart.
My God is strong and a Mighty Physician.
My Comforter wraps me in grace and truth and shields me from the world so I can truly rest.
My God brings to mind other mothers who have no help and I ask God to help them.
My God reminds me of my sisters in Christ who I know are praying for me.

My God tells me He loves me and this too, shall pass...but not before He shows Himself strong on my behalf.

Thanks You, God for being so strong right now. Thank You for taking care of my children today, for giving them a place to go so I could rest physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank You for my husband, who went to his boss and demanded time to take care of me. Thank You for giving him a heart to love me like You do. Thank You for showing me all that You are doing in and through others. I love You. Amen.