Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back In The Land Of The Living

I'm back...after almost a month of no-blogging, I almost feel like I need to re-introduce myself! But, thank you so much to the many who e-mailed to check up on me. What a blessing!

We are all doing very well, and I am finally feeling better after almost 8 solid weeks of morning sickness and nearly 10 weeks of a severe back injury. The girls are well, Charlie is smashing and our growing baby is definitely growing (as evidenced by my growing belly!) and developing just fine. With my improved health, I am starting to look forward to meeting this new little one, though it will be here much sooner than I will be ready, I'm sure!

Over the weekend the girls submitted their list of names for the new baby. For a girl, they have chosen: Serafina, Barbie and Banana. For a boy, they like: Little Dude and Bumpus. Poor kid isn't even born and his or her sisters seem to have it in for the little one:)

More posting through the week...thanks for your faithful encouragement and readership!


Ann said...

Harmony has "Rainbow Sprinkle" as her favorite name right now...why do they think these things are names? I guess it must be Strawberry Shortcake influence!

Charity Grace said...

So glad you are feeling better! Love the names your kids picked. :) My Sarah is almost 3 and she insisted that we should name the baby Strawberry Shortcake!

Nina said...

Welcome back Jen! Glad you all are home safe.

JAN said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!
My vote for the baby's name: Serafina.:-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blog land. I have a coworker who is just getting over morning sickness. Have felt so bad for her at times, but she is starting to show signs that life is back to normal for her.

The names your girls picked out...too funny...if your baby turned out to be twins you could name them bumpus and banana! :)