Friday, April 25, 2008

The Funnest Days Ever!

I've been down with bronchitis and a sinus infection (so maybe I'm not quite back to the land of the living yet!). Things have been pretty loose (to say the least!) around our house. I've tried to keep up with our regular schedule, but I've also let a LOT of things really slide.

Tonight, our wonderful, generous friends invited all three girls out for pizza so I could get a shower and a nap (Praise the Lord for the simple gestures!). When they returned home, I told them they could watch a movie before bedtime if they hurried to put on jammies. As I was collecting the scattered shoes and clothes left in the wake of their excitement, I overheard this conversation:

Ruthie: These have been the funnest days ever!
Emma: Yeah, we got to eat pizza and fruit snacks and ice cream and cereal for dinners.
Ruthie: Uh-huh. And we also got to watch movies and cartoons and play on the computer and build forts.
Emma: And, we didn't have to take a bath or go to bed on time or make our beds.
Ruthie: But, we did have to brush our teeth.
Emma: (sighing) And, we did have to take our vitamins and drink our milk.
Ruthie: Do you think Mommy will be sick tomorrow?
Emma: I don't know.
Ruthie: I hope so 'cause these are the funnest days ever!
Emma: Ruthie! Daddy said we should pray for Mommy to be healed, not to be sick.
Ruthie: I wasn't going to pray for her to be sick...just that we could have one more day for cartoons and ice cream!


Ann said...

Too cute!

JAN said...

That is hilarious! Controlled chaos! :-) Kids love days like that, don't they?

Nina said...

hahahaha And a new one on the way! A lifetime of wonderful funny times.

Anonymous said...