Sunday, June 22, 2008

Organic VS Non-Organic Food Buying

Oh boy, I am so not into posting anything educational about much of anything except the Word of God (and even at that, some of you might wonder how 'educational' those posts are, too!). When I read this post, though, I had to post a link.
Being the mom that I am, I often struggle when food shopping. There is the constant war between our budget and nutritional standards. While it would be nice to put three servings of vegetables, plus a fruit, a whole grain, and a low-fat, free-range, protein on the table for each meal, we eat tuna casserole and fish sticks on a regular basis. I do like to make my own bread, but I'm not going to invest in a grain mill or order wheat berries when I know that with almost four children, a busy husband, ministry opportunities beating the door down, and a hectic home school schedule, I would be lucky to use the mill once or twice and bread baking would turn into a chore instead of a fun part of our week.
Reading this post about the "differences" between organic and non-organic foods somehow gave me some peace. I will continue to try to buy conscientiously, within our budget, supporting local growers when I can, feeding my children the best we can afford, leaving the rest in the Lord's hands.