Monday, September 29, 2008

Words Can't Express...

Words can't express the great joy we have been experienceing, having our family complete and together. Really, we are just enjoying the favor of the Lord and His great goodness, kindness and mercy. So, instead of words--which don't so it justice--here are some images instead!

First bath

Our crazy, supportive, loving, giving, fantastic families.

Enjoying the wonder of God's creation.

Sweet baby

Male bonding
Thank You, Father, for the joy of what You have created in our family. Thank You for the love, trust, grace, support, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and wisdom You are weaving in and through us all to knit us closer to each other and You. I find myself at a loss for words...
In Jesus' name, Amen.


Ann said...

gotta love the first bath picture--he definitely looks not happy!

Little mama Rossi said...

Oh Jen this makes me want to have another baby, and kairi is still an infant! I think it is the hapiness of your family that makes me want more! Heathy happy sheep! yay! Hope to see lots of little Samuel at church and bible study! Maybe he and Kairi will become friends! God bless those kiddos of yours, and you and Charlie too!

jessica rossi

Little mama Rossi said...

Hope it is okay I found you through Bethany!