Friday, June 12, 2009


We've felt it for almost 4 years now. That persistent nagging feeling that God has more for us and that change is coming. Several times in the past, we've thought the moment had arrived only to have God's will confirmed that we were to remain just where we were at. This time is different. It's time for things to change...

We're selling our house. Though we have a lovely, old Victorian-era home with plenty of space for the kids to play and grow, it's just time to move on. When we purchased this home we were newly married and childless. We filled our home with homeless people, college students, friends, relatives, basic strangers, and even a band or two--all who needed a place to rest weary heads and hearts. There was purpose in living in and paying for a large home. Now that the Lord has filled the home with children, our focus and attention has shifted. We are growing children and building character and we feel the Lord drawing us in a different direction. It's just time to move on.

So, if you think of us over the next few weeks and months, please pray for the sale of our home. Though we don't know where we will land next, we are certain and reassured that our loving Father is in complete control. Please pray that the sale of our home would go over smoothly and with as little disruption and confusion as possible. Pray for peace.

Father, Thank You for our home. Thank You for filling it with so many good and pleasant things. Please provide a buyer for our home and quickly! We are eager to step out in faith with you on our next adventure together. Thank You for my husband and children and that You are allowing us to travel together through this. Praise to You, Jesus! Amen.