Thursday, October 18, 2007

When You're Not Here

The light bulbs burn out;
The trash can overflows;
The dog refuses to eat for me,
And the grass grows faster...
...when you're not here.

The kids test the limits;
They beg for extra stories and hugs and kisses;
They set an extra place for you at the dinner table;
They pray for you at bedtime...
...when you're not here.

My days and nights run together.
The bed is so empty and cold--
I put an extra pillow on your side for company,
I even miss your "gentle" snore...
...when you're not here.

The usually happy house sounds sound lonely and even creepy;
I keep extra lights on for you;
The dog stands guard until you arrive--
I even sit and pray with him!
...when you're not here.

I don't think about the things you do for us,
I think about who you are to me.
We all try harder to do our best--
To make you proud of us.
You are always on my mind and in my prayers;
You are in every breath and sigh as I wait...
...when you're not here.

But, now you are here, and I thank our God and Father for all that you are and all that He is making you to be. I love you.


Ann said...

Very sweet!!! Have you given it to Charlie?