Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I Love Football

I was reading a post on Ellie's Dish today and it reminded me of how much I love football. Her husband has a similiar fanatacism with the Cleveland Indians. I'm a fan of the Indianapolis Colts. I suppose if we lived somewhere else, I might be a Dolphins fan or a Vikings fan or even a (shudder the thought) Bears fan. But, my love affair with football began here in Indiana, so that's where my loyalty lies. My best friend sent my Tony Dungy's book, Quiet Strength, and I devoured it almost in one sitting. The more I learn about key people involved in the Colts' franchise, the more I thank God for godly men and women walking out their faith in plain view of thousands of fans. We need more people like that, rising to the occasion to share what God has done in their lives, instead of falling to the entangling charms of a fallen world.

Here's my personal top ten list of reasons I love football:

10. I get to wear my jersey every week--my girls call it my "dress up clothes."
9. My husband and I love football equally, so he indulges my passion by helping comb radio stations for the game or setting up the living room to watch the game on TV.
8. I am actually beginning to recognize plays and understand the finer details of the game; like "off-sides" and "quarter back sneak" and "fake play action."
7. My team won the Super Bowl last year--I almost cried, it was so exciting!
6. My girls love football, too, and they are memorizing the names and jerseys of our players. They also understand how a 1st and 10 works.
5. Many of the players, coaches, staff and owners of the Colts are believers and work to glorify God. What a great example for kids!
4. I have an excuse to clap and cheer and jump up and down like when I was a teenager.
3. It's a great reason for a party in the middle of winter.
2. I love the drama of the long, drawn-out plays. Sort of like life in Christ. Sometimes you win, sometimes you take chances, sometimes you have to kick it down the field and hope for the best, but you always have the ultimate goal in mind.
1. God used football to help me climb out of depression. When Olivia was born, I suffered terribly from depression. Watching football week after week gave me something to look forward to and something to focus on. I found myself getting excited for my team and then excited about my life in Christ.

Lord, it seems silly, but thank You for football! Thank You for indulging me like a loving Father with all sorts of pleasing things. Thank You for breaking through the clouds of depression and rescuing me. Thanks for the gift of time spent with family and the memories I already have of our Sunday afternoons and evenings together. I love the way You love me. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Ann said...

God made football for a reason!!! It's too cute that the kids know the jersey numbers :) we'll have to have a football party sometime...too bad they're on ESPN next Monday night!