Wednesday, May 28, 2008


If bread dough somehow makes its' way into your washer and also into your dryer, you will have sheets and pillowcases glued together. And, the bread dough can't be removed.

If you get distracted and forget to put the toothpaste away in the children's bathroom, you will return to find the mirror, sink, window, and toilet seat decorated with dried-on-tough-to-scrape-off-bubble-gum-scented toothpaste.

If you take your three small children, one large dog and one small dog on a walk, one of them is going to run away. And, if that "one of them" is the beloved favorite family pet, you will then have three crying, wailing children and a long chase that ensues.

If you read "Hansel and Gretel" before going to the grocery store and then hand out snacks to keep little hands and mouths busy through the store, eventually a grocery store employee will ask you to please put away the peanuts and raisins because you have left a trail six aisles behind you.

If your two year old tells people she has a baby in her tummy and that her father (she means "God-her Father") put it there, people will give you dirty looks.

If you teach your oldest child to use the telephone for emergency purposes, "emergency" will come to be defined in her mind as anything that crosses her mind as a reason to pick up said telephone, including calling her best friend to ask her what color socks she is wearing while you are taking a shower.

It's been an interesting week!

Thank You, Lord for even the interesting moments. Thank You for granting me both patience and a sense of humor, though I don't always recognize them instantly. Forgive me for the times I've sighed or been cross or rolled my eyes this week. Help me to appreciate the sweetness of wee ones underfoot and overhead and in my lap and under my skin. Help me to love them the way You do. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


JAN said...

All in one week?! I'm sorry to say, but this was too funny!:-)

Sniz said...

Wow. I loved this post. You are such a good writer! Did someone really ask you to put the snacks away in the grocery store? Did you tell that person they weren't snacks, they were special devices necessary for survival?