Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Lions

Yesterday, I stopped by our local gas station and let the girls each pick out a drink. They have some yummy 100% fruit juices (at ridiculous prices!) that we very occasionally treat them to. As we were unloading the van, Emma and Ruthie were having some sort of heated argument that resulted in tears for Ruthie. As the older two emerged from the van, I asked Ruthie why she was crying...

Ruthie: Emma's lying!
Emma: No I'm not, Ruthie! You just don't know as much about the Bible as I do!
Ruthie: Yes I do!
Mommy: Okay, Ruthie, what do you think Emma is lying about?
Ruthie: I said that Jesus is the lion in the Bible, but Emma said Satan is a lion, too. She's lying because Satan can't be the same thing as Jesus!
Mommy: (thinking...) Well, Ruthie, you are both right. You're right because Jesus and Satan can never be the same thing. Jesus is God and Satan was made by God. But, Emma is right, too. The Bible does describe both Jesus and Satan as lions.
Ruthie: Huh?
Mommy: Jesus is the King Lion. He is like the protector of the forest and of all the creatures in the forest. His job is to protect us and God describes Him as a lion because He is so mighty and powerful. Nothing can destroy Him. God also describes Satan as a lion but not as a protector lion. He is described as a sneaking, prowling lion, trying to steal and kill and destroy. That lion doesn't care about anything but himself and wants to hurt everyone. So, they are both lions but very, very different lions. God wants us to know which lion we should follow.
All three girls: The King Lion! Jesus!

We closed the van doors and turned to walk into the gas station. As I turned, the man who had been cleaning the parking lot was standing a few feet away with tears streaming down his face. He softly said, "Thank you. I really needed to hear that today. I needed to know they are both lions." Then he turned and walked away.

I was completely stunned. I don't know this man's story or anything about him other than that he works at the gas station near my home. But, God used an argument with my girls to remind him and teach us that He really is the King Lion, guarding us and protecting us. As we walked into the gas station, Ruthie said, "Do you think that man knows Jesus?"

Yes, honey, I do. I think he just needed to remember what Jesus' job really is.

Thank You, Lord. For juice at the gas station, for arguments that are about You and Your character, for allowing us to be used for Your purposes. Thank You for being such a mighty lion on our behalf...and for being so much more. In Jesus' name...Amen.


Nina said...

WOW! This little argument blessed a bystander who, really wasn't just a bystander was he? You were all there at the right time possible orchestrated by God, for God to reveal Himself.

Ann said...

Too cool...both the conversation between the girls (very sophisticated!) and the witness to the over-hearer!

JAN said...

What an amazing story. I wish I knew what that man's history is...
I also agree with Nina and Ann. :-)