Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays--Things That Are Driving Me Crazy Today!

Thanks to Ann for making Top Ten Tuesdays...

10. I can't see my feet anymore...putting on socks is a major undertaking!
9. My kids have no volume control today...we're stuck on "louder than loud."
8. This little guy is determined to break dance all over my bladder morning, noon and night.
7. The aforementioned break dancing has resulted in over 20 trips to the bathroom in the last 24 hours.
6. The dogs got caught in the thunderstorm this morning and STINK like only wet dogs can.
5. "Someone" in our house likes to snore.
4. I can't find my reading glasses.
3. Suddenly my internal temperature gauge has sky-rocketed, so while I'm sweating, I'm freezing my family to death.
2. I seem to be craving some weird food groups...lemonade (which gives me heartburn), Mexican food (major heartburn), chocolate anything, salty pretzels, and pie...any kind of pie. So healthy...
1. I've dropped things, tripped over imaginary hazards, slammed my fingers in drawers, bumped my head, and just become generally klutzy.

Father, thank you that You never go "crazy" or have bad days. Thank You for understanding and for just being with me in this nutty day. Help me stay focused on You and not on the things that are happening around me. Thanks for loving me...In Jesus' Name, Amen


JAN said...

I'm sorry, but I had to smile when I read this. It sounds like you're getting close to the end of this pregnancy!
Hang in there. By October 1st all this will be a vague memory.