Monday, March 23, 2009

Morning Five

I love the idea of Making Your Home A Haven, so I'll join in this week and list the five things I'd like to turn into a morning routine:

1. Shower-- I know that should be a given, but if the boy wakes before me, it's sometimes pushed to the afternoon or even after hubs gets home from work. I want to be showered, dressed and looking (fairly) good when he gets home from a hard day's work. Not dirty, tired and bewildered!
2. Bible--I'm in a new study call the "Bible in 90 Days Challenge" and the reading assignments are massive. I want to spend more time reading in the morning and less time trying to cram it all in before bed.
3. Meal Prep--In the past it has always worked so well to prep both lunch and supper as much as possible right after breakfast is over. It's a hedge against the day, allowing our meals to be prepared quickly and easily.
4. Laundry--This is the bane of my existence right now! It has been for the last two years. The only method that has worked consistently for me is to wash whatever is dirty every. single. morning. Then, put it away after lunch or dinner. So, I want to go back to that method and just do the laundry every morning.
5. Listen--We are blessed to have wonderful, local, Christian radio broadcasting sound teaching 24/7. I've noticed that when I tune in as I do my morning chores, I tend to spend less time thinking about and worrying over the little things and more time thinking on the things of God--a much better way to spend the day!

Lord, thanks for this tangible way to help me organize the beginning of my day and bring order to our home. Bless this home and all who wander through. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


TAMI said...

The Bible in 90 Days is a GREAT sweeping through the Word - gaining insights that are lost when moving slowly through. Enjoy!!!

Tanya said...

That is a good list. :)