Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesdays--Genesis and Exodus

Thanks to Ann for hosting Ten on Tuesdays!

I'm doing the Bible in 90 Days Challenge and thought I would post 10 things I've discovered/remembered while reading. I'm not all the way through Exodus yet, but we'll give this a whirl!

1. The lights God placed in the universe serve these purposes:
--As signs
--For seasons
--For days
--For years Gen 1:14
2. Refusing to call sin sin, not taking ownership of sin creates even more sin. The blame game never leads to redemption--just more complicating sins. Gen. 3:12-13
3. It isn't until Gen 4:26 that any mention is made of people calling on the name of the Lord.
4. Both Enoch and Noah are described as "walking with God." Enoch was just "not;" Noah was given a floating home to escape the evil of the world. Gen. 5:24, Gen 6:9
5. I wonder how long it took for Noah to collect all those animals?! Gen. 6:22
6. The genealogy of Nimrod was:
Even the best parenting and most spiritually devoted family can produce wicked offspring. It's all a matter of the individual heart. Gen 10:8
7. Abraham called upon the name of the Lord A LOT! Gen.12:8, 13:4, 13:18, 21:33 as some examples
8. In the picture of Christ we get with Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah, three things were necessary for the sacrifice: Fire, Wood and a Lamb. Those same things were needed for Christ's sacrifice: Fire of the Holy Spirit, Wood of the Cross, Lamb of God. Gen 22:7
9. Isaac provides a wonderful example of a husband interceding on behalf of his wife. Gen 25:21
10. Esau's descendants (his 12 tribes) developed kings and kingdoms long before Israel did. Gen. 36:31

Okay, I have WAAAY more than 10 things in my notes. I could probably list 100 things that I've noticed or things I want to go back and study! Isn't God's Word wonderfully rich and vibrant?!?!

Thanks, Lord, for opening my heart to Your Word. Amen.


Bethany said...

You're doing the 90 challenge? How'd you hear about it? Velocity (the middle high youth group here) is doing it as well.

Jen said...

Sounds about and a bunch of middle schoolers on the same spiritual wave length:)

The Women's Ministry Center is offering it this Spring.

Miss you...