Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music To A Pregnant Woman's Ears

After being pregnant four times, there are certain comments you come to expect throughout pregnancy--some welcome, some that make your skin crawl. I know most people mean well, but some folks are just missing that filter of courteousness. Anyway, here are a few comments that I've received lately that I am just certain were designed by God to encourage me...

You're expecting?!?! I didn't even notice until today!
(Wow. I managed not to look like a beached whale for almost 8 months this time!)

It's so great that God is blessing you with another child.

I hope I handle pregnancy as well as you seem to handle it.
(Good thing she can't read my mind or listen in on my nightly vent sessions with hubby!)

You look so tiny.
(Is she talking to me? There must be another pregnant woman around here somewhere...)

You look like you are all baby! Seriously, you look great for being almost 8 months pregnant!
(I knew she was a good friend...)

Lord, Thank You for sending encouragement in the form of human words. Thank You for the almost daily reminders that You care enough to put such loving friends and family in my life. Bless each of them for the ministry of their hearts and words. Thank You also for the reminder that a word of encouragement can really lift a troubled heart. Help me to be better at encouraging others. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


Ann said...

Woo hoo for encouraging words!