Friday, July 11, 2008

A supportive husband...

One of the things I love most about my husband is his willingness to be a servant. He quietly goes around doing all sorts of things behind the scenes to make my life better and easier. And, he doesn't need a parade or bull horn announcement for a thank you, either.

After reading my list of things I needed/wanted to do, this is what he did--

We had borrowed a jogger-type stroller from friends and he knew that I really loved using it. He also knows I'm just itching to get back to my running and fitness routine this Fall. So, although we have other strollers to maneuver baby about, he surprised me by purchasing this one for me today! He also spent about an hour comparing/contrasting car seats online, compiling a list of those with good reviews and the features we liked. What a guy!
Thanks, Lord, for such a wonderful, thoughtful husband! Bless him always and continue to teach me how to better serve him as well. Amen.


Bethany said...

Hey Jen,
I'm glad to hear that everything is well now! Lyn had called wednesday? to ask us to pray. How exciting, a boy! A new adventure indeed. I'm sure he'll be smothered with love from all the girls.

Bethany said...

oh and what a great husband you have!

JAN said...

It sounds like our husbands could be brothers. :-)
Being married to a man like that makes you feel so safe and cared for, doesn't it?