Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've struggled with homeschooling so much over the last few years...from not knowing where to begin to battling others' comments to comparing and being compared to public school kids to wondering if what we were doing was working. I just have to share good news! Emma just returned from her visit to school and her future teacher shared with me that she was able to keep up with second and third grade students just fine! In fact, she wondered if second grade material would be challenging enough for her or if we might want to just skip ahead a grade or two! I told her Charlie and I would pray about that and talk with her over the summer, but I was sure we didn't want her to "skip grades." Maybe just work ahead...
But, it was encouraging to hear that after much struggle it hasn't been in vain and contrary to popular opinion and the competitive spirit of other mothers, my child is doing above average. Not only that, we as her parents have been given great wisdom from the Lord concerning her education, learning style and spiritual gifts. I heard that gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit all year long and it sustained me. I'm just thankful for the audible...

Thank You, Lord for the encouragement today. Bless Emma and bless her teacher and classmates next year. And thank You for showing me how great You truly are and what You have been doing behind the scenes. Thank You for pulling it all together into one big picture for me today. I needed that and I know You know that, too. In Jesus' Name, Amen.