Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bedtime Questions

Every night, we have the same routine. I change Olivia's diaper and clothes, brush her teeth, pray with her, ask her where Jesus lives (her answer: my heart!), and say our little Bible verse: I will praise You, Lord, with all my heart. Psalm 9:1. She picks out a blankie and a few stuffed, furry friends for company. I give her a kiss and a hug and lay her down in her crib. I turn out the lights and close the door as I say, "I love you, but Jesus loves you more." Pretty easy routine.

Our older two are a different story altogether. They pick out their pajamas, which sometimes turns into a teary-eyed event if their very favorites are not clean. They brush their teeth and their daddy and I sometimes re-brush them. We read them a story or two and head up to their bedroom. After arranging their menagerie of stuffed animals just so around their beds, covering them with the requested blankets, sheets and/or comforters, praying with or for them, and giving them each a kiss and hug goodnight, we turn out the lights and begin to close their door. Every night, without fail, they stop me just as I'm about to head down the hallway, "Mommy..."

And here are some of their bedtime questions:

"How many days until summer?"
"How did God create the world?"
"How does our house stay together?
"Why did God make boys and girls different?"
"How do you make curtains?"
"When is it going to rain again?"
"When is it going to stop raining?"
"Why do you love Daddy?"
"Why does Daddy love you?"
"Will our dog get to go to heaven?"
"Is it daytime on the other side of the world?"
"Can I wear my swim suit tomorrow?"
"If I wear a turtle neck underneath, can I wear my swim suit tomorrow?"
"If I wear a turtle neck and long pants and socks and my coat underneath, can I wear my swim suit tomorrow?"
"Can I wear my other swim suit tomorrow?"
"Where does the wind come from?"
"Why don't some little girls and boys have a mommy and a daddy?"
"Can you be those little girls' and boys' mommy?"
"Can we have a brother?"
"If Santa isn't real, why do some people tell their children to believe in him? Isn't that a lie?"
"How do babies get out of mommies' tummies?"
"How do babies get in mommies' tummies?"
"Can I live with you forever?"
"Did Jesus ever get boo boos when he was a boy?"
"Can we have another puppy?"
"Can we have a cat?"
"Can we have a bird?"
"Can we have a moose?"
"How about a really small cow or octopus?"
And my personal favorite:
"Can I have one more hug and kiss?"

Thank You, God for their questions. Thank You for choosing me to be the one they trust to ask for answers. Give me wisdom as the questions get harder to answer. Help me to know when to point them directly to You. Thank You for making me a mommy. Thank You for my girls. Amen.


Ann said...

Aaawwww...what a great thing for the girls for later :)