Thursday, January 8, 2009


I can see now this could be a problem. My friend from college who lives in Texas convinced me to join Facebook. Suddenly, I'm chatting and looking at photos of my friends from 15 years ago...and it's waaaaay too fun!!! Plus, it connected me to folks who live around here and that's fun, too. But really, it's hilarious to reconnect with blasts from the past and be reminded of then-infamous incidents from my early twenties. Like a certain someone who only slightly desecrated the Lincoln Memorial one Spring's good to catch up with you girls!


Kristen McG said...

Beware- facebook can all too quickly become a time sucker! :-D lol No, it is an awesome tool, and so handy in keeping up (or reconnecting) with old friends. But I have wasted wayyyy too many hours looking at so-and-so or whats-his-name profiles to see where they are now and what they're up to- and I've only been out of school 5 years! But, I imagine that you're more disciplined than I am, and have a tighter schedule with 4 kiddos in tow. It's definitely something I have to keep in check (well, time on the computer, period).
Anyway, I also wanted to say 'thanks' for the encouragement and prayers regarding my pregnancy. I appreciate it, and have enjoyed hearing your experiences. Hope you have a great weekend!