Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays--Myths about Homeschooling/Stay-at-Home Moms

10. Homeschool families have strident religious rules that keep them from enrolling their kids in public school.
9. Stay-at-home moms stay at home because they aren't qualified to do any other sort of paying work.
8. Homeschooled children are missing out on socializing and extracurricular activities.
7. Stay-at-home moms always have perfectly kept homes, homemade cookies and neatly folded laundry. (Come over today and that myth will quickly be dispelled!)
6. Homeschool moms are naturally gifted teachers, filled with creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity.
5. Stay-at-home moms are "out of the loop" concerning the rest of the world. (True, I may not be cutting edge, but I can read a newspaper and Google news as well as the next person:))
4. Homeschool moms are experts in all things education related.
3. Stay-at-home moms LOVE to babysit other children.
2. Homeschool children are always well behaved, prayerful, honest, respectful children who model good Christian morals 100% of the time. (Again, just come over for a reality check!)
1. Homeschooling/Stay-at-home moms have lots of free time since they are home all day!

Thanks to Ann for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays!


Mrs. Pear said...

Too funny!

Jess said...

Ha ha! I love the one about babysitting! This last Wednesday I had my 2 plus Zoey plus Peyton (Kourtney Zahn's nephew) so 3 toddlers 2 and under and a 7 month old!! It was fun though!