Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just your ordinary, average kids

Two of the four of our kids had check-ups today. Both received clean bills of health, though Samuel needed five vaccinations (ouch!), so if he could express his feelings in words, I'm sure there would have been quite the objection. He settled for about 30 seconds of screaming, followed by vigorous nursing and is now sleeping off the whole ordeal. He's so easy to please.
Our pediatrician's words as we left went something like, "You should be thankful to have four ordinary, average, well-adjusted kids. I rarely see that in a family any more."
So, in this crazy world where we fall into believing the lie that our kids are somehow competing against our neighbor's kids in every department from athleticism to musical talent to reading ability to physical stature, I'm thankful to have average children. Not that I think they are average. Don't get me wrong. I think each of them are unique, special creations, hand crafted by God for His yet-unrevealed-purposes. But, none of them have learning disabilities that we are aware of. None of them have tragic childhood illnesses. They haven't been abused or ravaged by war. We aren't destitute. Most importantly, all of our children know they are us and by the Lord.
So, I'll take average and ordinary. Because average and ordinary today is really exceptional and extraordinary in this crazy world we live in.

Thank You, Lord, for the reminder today that we don't have to compare ourselves or our children to any standard or measure except that of Jesus Christ. And, that You make up the huge difference we lack in Your atoning grace and mercy. Thank You for each one of my extraordinary children...and for the extraordinary Love You show us all. In Jesus' Name, Amen.