Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Hubby!

My husband is a great dad. He has been from the moment he first laid eyes on our firstborn. He changed her first poopy diaper, paced the floor with her in the middle of the night, learned to swaddle better than I ever could, he read to her, sang to her, and gave her the sweet nickname of "Doodle." His fathering instincts have always been so good. He always seems to know how to have fun with the girls. He is forever making up new games with the simplest of household items. He invented games at our house like "Hide-and-Seek Pony" and "Coming to Get You!" He used the snow blower this winter to create a five foot tall igloo, complete with window, door and flag. He faithfully reads to the girls from their children's Bible and is able to relate scriptural truth to them in a way they understand. He notices when they have newly painted toenails and is quick to kiss "owies" and "boo-boos." He is incredibly patient with all of them and is always reminding them of how special and unique they are. It touches my heart to see him pouring his heart into our three little girls.

My husband learned to be a great dad from his dad (who is a stellar grandpa, by the way!) and they both follow after the greatest of all fathers: God, our Father. Charlie's dad read the Bible to his children every morning over breakfast, prayed for his family, gave to others in need, and ministered to his children's friends. He walked out life in Christ before his children every day, teaching my husband the importance of obedience, sacrifice, generosity, love, and service. My husband has commented more than once that his dad has been a tremendous spiritual influence in his life. What a legacy my children have inherited!

Father, thank You for my husband, who every day reminds me that You have a plan for our lives and our family. Thank You for each and every way You have imparted Yourself to him through the Word and through others to make him into the man he is now and the man he will be tomorrow. Thank You for choosing me to be his wife. What a privilege! Bless him always, Lord. May our children be blessed, also. Praise to You, my Father and Friend. Amen.


Ann said...

Charlie is a great dad! What a great tribute to him :)