Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When We All Get To Heaven...

At the lunch table, Emma and Ruthie started talking about heaven. Really, they were arguing about their "super-duper" powers in heaven. Here' s part of our conversation:

Mommy: What do you mean, "super powers?"
Ruthie: I want to be able to fly.
Emma: No, Ruthie, we won't be able to fly, just walk through walls.
Mommy: Well, you are both sort of right. We will be able to walk through walls and it might not be flying like birds but we'll be able to appear in places without using a car or plane. What do you think heaven will be like girls?

(Long pause.......)

Ruthie: Like home!
Emma: Well, Jesus is building a big house for us.
Ruthie: Yeah, and I want my room to be next to Mommy's.
Emma: No, I want to be next to Mommy!
Ruthie: No, me!
Emma: No, me!!
Mommy: Okay, girls, let's not fight over where our rooms are. It's God's house so we'll go where He wants us to go, okay? What do you think will be in the house Jesus is building?
Emma: Rainbows and glitter and princesses and flowers and grass.
Ruthie: Horses and sparkles and a castle and tulips and roses.
Emma: Yeah, we get to have white horses, right Mommy?
Mommy: Yep.
Emma: I'm going to name my pony Rainbow Sparkle Jewel Dancer.
Ruthie: I'm going to name my horse Harold. Can he be a unicorn?
Mommy: No, unicorns are make-believe, honey.
Ruthie: (disappointed) Oh.
Emma: I hope we all die at the same time so no one has to be on earth alone or in heaven alone.

(Long pause as I wipe my tears...)

Mommy: Well, someday we will all be in heaven together with Jesus and that will be better than anything we've ever experienced or seen.
Ruthie: Heaven must be pretty neat 'cause I really like what I got here.
Emma: Me, too, except for this bug bite.

Thank You, God, for using my girls to remind me that my reward will be in heaven. Thank You for making a place for me in eternity. Thank You for teaching my children that they are loved. In Jesus' holy name...Amen.


Charity Grace said...

This is so precious!

Nina said...

Oh my, Emma's last comment made me laugh so out loud! She is sooooo cool.