Friday, June 8, 2007


Two days ago, Olivia began showing signs that she was not feeling well. Vomiting, diarrhea and poor appetite. By evening, we began to be concerned and contacted our pediatrician. She recommended bringing her to the hospital for observation and IV fluid treatments. After we arrived, the doctor confirmed that Olivia was indeed dehydrated and most likely battling a viral infection. They administered the IV and began re-hydrating her, but she then began to carry a low-grade fever. The low grade fever climbed through the night and spiked as high as 104.9 yesterday. She also began refusing her sippy cup and was very lethargic.

This morning, the doctor has ordered a series of cultures and tests to be sure she is not struggling with a bacterial infection. This Spring, she sustained several ear infections before having tubes placed in her ears. As a result of the many ear infections, she was on several rounds of powerful antibiotics. The doctor is also going to check to make sure she has not developed a drug-resistant bacterial infection, a danger that comes from multiple antibiotic treatments.

Until Olivia's fever comes down and she is willing to eat and drink, we will be staying put here at Riley North (a division of Riley Hospital at Clarion North Medical Center). Thanks for praying for her and for all of us.