Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays--Things You Can Give Without Spending Money

Okay, so it's Wednesday and I'm a day behind. Who cares, right? Thanks to Ann for starting the Top Ten idea...sorry I didn't get to it yesterday!

Since it's the season of giving, here are some things you can give that will probably mean more than something you could buy at a store:
10. An invitation to dinner. Invite your favorite friend, couple, neighbor, co-worker, or someone new to your church over for dinner. Make it a simple meal with creative touches. Play cards, go for a walk, go look at Christmas lights, make ornaments together, etc. Make it a memorable time for all.
9. Offer to babysit. Know anyone with little ones who doesn't have much in the way of help? Offer to babysit for them for an hour or two hours or an evening or a weekend...whatever is comfortable for you. I promise it will be a treasured gift!
8. Bake bread. Bread is one of those universally appreciated gifts. It's easy and extremely inexpensive to make. It just takes a bit of time as you wait for it to rise. If you're really adventurous, include a little flavored butter with the bread.
7. Give something living. No, not one of your children or the beloved family pet. Do you have any beautiful plants in your yard or home? Bulbs that can be divided and shared? Plants overflowing their pots? Bundle them up in a nice package along with care instructions and give them away. Add a pretty bow and an offer to come and help with the planting and you've got a winner!
6. Free Christmas clean-up! Offer to help someone take down, organize and put away their Christmas decorations. That task usually falls to one unfortunate soul per household, so why not give them the gift of help and company. Take a nice lunch and/or basket of goodies along to make a day of it. They'll remember your gift next year as they unpack their neatly stored items.
5. Give the gift of the Word. Write or print out words of encouragement or promises from the Word and frame them or organize them into a booklet. This is an especially good gift for someone who is struggling with grief, loss or depression.
4. Give fitness. So many people begin the New Year with fitness goals. Offer to be a fitness buddy and set up a work-out schedule you can accomplish together.
3. Got any great recipes? Copy some of your own tried and true recipes onto pretty recipe cards. You could also include the ingredients of one of the dishes for the recipient to try. This is a great gift for newlyweds or the college grad.
2. Time. Isn't it true that everyone is running helter-skelter these days? Give the gift of time by offering to serve someone else. Offer to do yard work or wash a car or clean house or cook meals or whatever you might be gifted to do. Make it a gift of service while also spending time with the person you care for. It's a win-win.
1. Prayer. This doesn't have to be an advertised gift, but rather a personal commitment to lift a specific person in prayer. If there's someone in your life who you especially want to come to know the Lord Jesus, gift that person with your prayers and lift them daily to God.

OK, that's my list. Happy gift-giving to you all!


Ann said...

Great list! I love giving bread :)