Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year's Day Tradition: Pork and Sauerkraut

Growing up, we always ate the same meal New Year's Day, pork roast and sauerkraut. I can't say I really appreciated the flavor of that meal as a child, but I look forward to it all through the holidays now. My mom gave me some pointers when I made my first roast for Charlie a few years ago, but I've since tweaked my recipe to suit our taste buds a bit better. I know many families enjoy a pork roast on New Year's Day. Thought I would share my own recipe with anyone looking for a tasty and easy first dish for 2008...Enjoy!

On New Year's Eve, sometime before you head to bed, place a thawed pork roast in your crock pot. Add 1/2 cup of water to keep the roast from sticking to the bottom. Slow cook on low through the night. When you wake in the morning (or maybe the afternoon!), the roast should be completely cooked and very tender. Cut open a bag of fresh sauerkraut and drain most of the liquid from the bag. Place kraut around and over roast. Slice 1-2 apples and mix them into the kraut (the apples take the bite out of the kraut so if you prefer the bite, skip the apples!). Replace cover and continue to cook until apples are tender--low: 2 hours, high: 1 hour. Serve with mashed potatoes and a salad. Enjoy!


Charity Grace said...

That sounds SOOO good! We always had bratwurst and sauerkraut on Christmas Eve when I was at home. Unfortunately dh is not a fan of either, so we're coming up with our own Christmas Eve traditions instead...But you can't beat the combination of sauerkraut and pork. I will have to make it just for me one of these days. :)