Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I haven't written much in this place as of late. Not that there is nothing happening in the Henze house or in my heart. Quite the opposite! My heart has been so overwhelmingly full, it has been difficult to put it into words. There are times in your walk with the Lord (and if you've spent much time at all in relationship with Jesus, you can relate) that you realize how great and deep His love for you is; how completely His grace covers every inch of you; how freely He extends His mercy to all who would partake. It is breath-taking and captivates your thoughts.

That's where I've been living these last few days and any attempt to put it to words would seem shallow--even this feeble explanatory post seems...well, weak.

For now, I am enjoying the fellowship of the Lord and enjoying the opportunity to see Him actively at work in my heart and life. I promise to share more when the picture is more clear, when I understand better what He is doing. Thank you to each one who e-mailed to are all so encouraging! Posts will probably be a bit light for awhile, but I'll continue to check your sites. I always look forward to reading all the wonderful things the Lord is doing in your lives, too!

Be blessed and a blessing today!