Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays--Signs Your Pint-Sized Slumber Party Is Going Well

We're having a pint-sized slumber party this week. Our good friends both had work commitments this week, so we agreed to host their 2 kiddos who just so happen to be our kiddos bestest buds. They are spending two nights with us to the utter and complete delight of my trio. They were so excited last night, I wasn't sure they would actually sleep! I worried a bit over the weekend if our small guests would miss mom and dad or have any moments of fear being here. So far, so good and here are my top ten signs that things are going well:

10. Everyone slept in his or her respective bed, through the night without any crying, bed-wetting, night wandering, or bad dreams.

9. They all hollered "Hurray!" in unison when they were greeted at the breakfast table with french toast.

8. They spent a good 25 minutes in the bathroom this morning inspecting each other's teeth to make sure everyone had brushed good enough.

7. My girls came to me individually and offered to pray for our guests to make sure they were not missing their mom and dad or feeling bad.

6. When we dropped our friends off for pre-school, they said they would rather come home with us--we compromised and picked them up a little early.

5. No one has started bleeding, throwing up, had diarrhea, bit, kicked, hit, or punched anyone else.

4. No whining!!!

3. The older ones have been looking out for the younger ones, helping with hand-washing, the aforementioned teeth-brushing, changing clothes, and clearing the table. I even caught them giving the younger ones extra good-night hugs and kisses last night!

2. The house is still standing!

1. After breakfast this morning, Emma threw her arms around my waist and said, "You're the best mommy ever!"


Ann said...

Aww...I'm so glad it's going well!! And French toast for 5? That's an accomplishment!

Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Jen, I am a friend of Ann's. I must say I found this quite amusing! :) I hope things continue to go swell!

Joyful Days said...

I wandered in through Ann's Wordless Wednesday. What a great photo. What a sweet story.

In Him,