Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shoe Shopping

We went shoe shopping today. Charlie called to say he was meeting a co-worker for lunch, so I seized the extra hour to take the girls out for a quick lunch and to buy shoes.

If you have wee ones and they are old enough to have an opinion about anything at all, you know what I mean when I say I had to brace myself. This is the third time I've ventured to shop for shoes, alone. The first time was so disastrous, I ended up tossing all the shoes onto a shelf lined with Lysol products as I dragged all three of my screaming, crying girls out of the store. It was embarrassing, to say the least! The second time, I thought I was more prepared, but we ended up with three pair of shoes that fit well, but none of the girls were able to put said shoes on themselves. It was a long six months of torture each time we wanted to leave the house or play outside.

Today, I explained to the girls that we were going to buy new shoes, (which met with a chorus of whooping and hollering---yep, they're girls!) but that we needed to establish some rules for the expedition. First, everyone was going to stay in the same aisle--no wandering around the entire shoe section. Two, everyone had to find a pair of shoes that fit well--not too tight, not too loose. Third, everyone had to be able to put their own shoes on without assistance. Fourth, no one was allowed to try on a pair of shoes without showing the price tag to Mommy first and getting permission to consider them. Fifth, if anyone started crying (including Mom!), we were leaving the store without shoes.

Surprisingly, the trip went well! Olivia found a pair right away--pink and brown Dora shoes. Emma first chose a pair of brown and red loafer-type shoes, but they were too hard to get on. She happily settled for a very cute pair of black, embroidered casual shoes with sturdy rubber soles. Ruthie took the longest. She just likes to try on every shoe in her size to see what it looks like. After sorrowfully returning a very cute--but out of season--pair of sandals to the shelf, she spied a pair of Strawberry Shortcake light-up shoes. They fit and were easy to put on. We finished our shoe shopping in less than 30 minutes--a Henze Family record!!!

Normally, I wouldn't advocate buying much of anything at Wal-Mart. I personally detest shopping there. But, this is a small town, we had very limited time and funds and really, no other viable options. They are, after all, growing girls who will very soon need yet another pair of shoes. I can't manage to part with upwards of $50 per pair of shoes from other more reputable stores. I prefer to shop for other things at those stores, but dislike spending so much on an item that will be quickly outgrown and cast aside. For about $45, I was able to shoe all three girls today--$5 under budget!

Thanks, Lord, for the means to buy something small like new shoes. And thanks for the privilege of seeing my girls so happy with such a small things, to see them grateful for what they have and to hear them thanking You on their own for what You have given. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


JAN said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Trying to shop with kids is what led to Mike doing our grocery shopping. They weren't the ones leaving the stores in tears; it was mom. :-)
I'm really impressed with how patient you are with your kids. It seems like they know their boundaries, but also that momma loves them.
Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Glad your shoe shopping adventure was a success, in all definitions of the word!

Sniz said...

I've also tried most of your rules, and also remind the kids of them before a shoe-shopping expedition. But that's a great tell them that they have to pick out something that's easy to put on!
You know, my kids are so grateful and thankful for anything they get...other people tell me that too, so it's not just me. And it IS such a blessing. And when I think about the blessing of being able to purchase something when we need it, I am overwhelmed by God's goodness.

Charity Grace said...

So glad your trip went well! We had a horrific trip recently that made me re-think how I handle clothes shopping with children too. I do OK with groceries, but clothes are another matter!