Monday, November 12, 2007

Depression Disclaimer...

Okay, so I received some e-mails and comments (forgive me for not posting them) from some wonderful folks who took issue with some things I said about depression in my post
The Hugging Place--To Remind You of His Presence. First, thank you so much for reading and visiting and generally encouraging me in my walk. It's humbling that you would return over and over! Second, I agree that depression is a multi-faceted plague and would never assume to know each and every face of it. I do, however, know how it worked in my own life. For me personally, and again, this is not meant to be applicable to every situation, I withdrew from the Lord and began to operate in my flesh and exposed myself to attack from the enemy. That's how it happened to me. What I know now, is the truth about about myself, and I know the truth because the Lord has shown it to me. It was never my intention to instruct or exhort anyone else suffering from depression. If you are suffering with depression, please, please, please seek help from a member of your pastoral staff or someone equipped to give you God-centered counsel. It is a tough road, but one I know from experience Christ will walk with you.

Finally, if you left a comment for me or e-mailed me with your concerns, I am simply not going to post them because I believe it would take away from the scriptural emphasis of the post. The post was not about depression--I simply used my own experience with depression as an example. If that has offended anyone, I ask your forgiveness. My desire is for the Lord Jesus to be glorified.