Thursday, November 1, 2007

One Thousand Gifts List #1-16

Thanks to Ann at Holy Experience, I'm starting my own One Thousand Gifts List, a list of 1,000 things God has given to me. What a superb project to begin and complete as we rocket through the holiday season.
1. The way the sunlight filters through the trees this time of year--golden, shining, illuminating my path.
2. The sound of crunching leaves on sidewalks and streets as I shuffle through them with my children.
3. My daughter, Ruthie's, belly laugh, echoing through the house.
4. My cozy college sweatshirt, keeping me warm on a chilly day.
5. The ability to think and reason and understand, in a way that He designed to glorify Him.
6. Hands to lift in praise and reach to lift my children.
7. My home, safe, secure, warm, dry, comforting.
8. My husband's hands as they wrap around me in joy, sorrow, comfort, pain, pride, and defeat-they are always there.
9. The smell of fresh laundry, neatly folded and stacked, ready to be tucked into their little wooden beds for another day.
10. The sound of children through the house, filling it to the rafters with noise and commotion, songs and laughter, chaos and arguments, joy, joy, joy to my heart!
11. Old shoes that fit my feet just right.
12. New shoes that remind my feet to "stand up straight."
13. Best friends and old friends and new friends and soon-to-be friends, to journey through life together, exploring all that God has for us.
14. Ten fingers, ten toes, all wiggling to warm up today!
15. Green, green, summer-green grass on November 1st!
16. Time to sit and think about gifts...
Whew, this was harder than I thought! I'm so glad I'm doing this because I need to be more mindful of the thousands and thousands of things God has given to me!


Ann said...

Cool! I started a "1000 thanks" list several years ago--I think I finally broke the five hundred mark...though I think I lost it between Ithaca and here :( You make me want to dig it out, read it, and add to it!

Ann said...

And I'm thankful for Emma's heart for missions--she did such a great job last night!!!

JAN said...

Hi Jen-
I just popped over from Rachel's blog-Simplicity Soup. I've enjoyed reading your last few posts-especially the "1000 thanks" list. What a great idea! I've been thinking about that verse from Psalms: "The Lord inhabits the praises of His people" a lot in the last few weeks. I just may start a 1000 things list myself-it's hard to focus on "Me" if I'm thanking "Him"!