Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays--Thanksgiving

Thanks, Ann, for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays!

Top Ten Reasons I'm Thanking God This Thanksgiving:
10. Everyone in my immediate family is healthy this year!
9. Our remodeling projects are close to completion.
8. Olivia--she can eat the entire Thanksgiving meal with us this year--no special preparations!
7. Ruthie--she was born to sing and praise Jesus all day long and she is a constant reminder that I should do the same.
6. Emma--it is such a joy to watch her learning and growing; spending time with her is such fun!
5. Charlie--God has blessed me with a faithful, loving, prayerful husband who watches over all his girls.
4. The lateness of fall and the way it has staved off the cool weather, letting us enjoy warm weather a few extra weeks.
3. Our church body--worship was so special last Sunday as everyone spontaneously shared their love and praise of the Lord.
2. Friends and family to spend the holidays with.
1. The life-saving, life-changing grace and mercy God renews and extends to me with each breath I take. It is so amazing!

Thanks You, Lord, for the many, many ways you shower me with Your blessings. I love You! Amen