Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday--You Know A Birthday Is Coming When...

Thanks to Ann for hosting "Top Ten Tuesdays!"

Emma's birthday is fast-approaching and with it comes certain signals:

10. I find catalogs with crayon and pen circles around desired items.
9. We can't avoid the toy section at Wal-Mart because she always has "one more thing she wants to show me."
8. Handwriting for school involves her writing her own invitations to her party.
7. Every morning begins with "Only__more days until MY birthday!"
6. She asks hourly, "How many more days until my party at Chuck E. Cheese?"
5. Her ideas for her birthday cake might require a drafting board and a professional pastry chef to accomplish!
4. She's already cleared off a shelf in her cabinet for birthday gifts she hasn't even received yet.
3. I find myself digging out baby photos and getting weepy over my "baby" turning six.
2. Emma keeps asking me how old I am and then telling me, "Mommy, that's pretty old!" (Thanks a lot, pip squeak...)
1. Daughter #2, not to be outdone, has begun counting down the seven months worth of days left until her next birthday!

Thank You, Father, for this daughter of mine. Thank You for choosing me to be her mother...what a blessing! Bless her, even now, as she sleeps sweetly. Help me to treasure these last few days of her being five. Thank You for another year, month, week, day, hour, moment with her. She is a treasure and more than I could have imagined! In Jesus' name, Amen.


Ann said...

I hear ya! Happy Birthday, sweet Emma :)

JAN said...

What a fun list. :-) Our youngest just turned 6 in October-you should've heard all of his cake ideas! He saw a beautiful model's face in a magazine and wanted a "Lady Cake". Thanks kiddo. I'll whip one right up.
Oh, and wait until you're my age. I've been officially labeled "Older than dirt".
Anyway-just wanted to say hello!
Have a great week!